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This is a historic photo of the Canadian Pacific Railways “DeWinton Station”  located just south of Calgary, at the hamlet of DeWinton, Alberta.

Historic Photo of DeWinton Station

Historic Photo of DeWinton Station

The building has since been removed and only the memories still remain.


DeWinton Station's mandate is to remain an exclusive private offering and to promote a unique venue - to display the steam railway era at around the turn of the 20th century. I will try to focus on presenting the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railroads and to feature the White Pass and Yukon Railway with a realistic snapshot view of the year 1915 - all within a miniature theme park atmosphere.

The Canadian National's “live steam” Mikado 2-8-2 with Vanderbilt tender and seven heavyweight series passenger cars will dominate the larger mainline portions of the outdoor layout. While a large covered enclosure will eventually house the booming port-town of Skaguay Alaska, complete with steamship docks, a roundhouse yard and the rail line running up the main street of the town.

This was the time of the famous Klondike gold rush and the bustling town of Skaguay was filled with would be prospectors (Stampeders) lured with the thought of striking it rich in the gold mines and streams of the Yukon river.

I recognize Calgary to be an opportune location to launch this type of venture, the population growth has just reached one million and there are not enough venues such as ours for people to visit.

By taking the time to do the work needed on my schedule and by keeping the overhead costs to a minimum, it is feasible to stay on budget and perhaps complete the undertaking within my lifetime. (Assuming, of course I live to be 120 - I have enough financial resources in reserve to last until yesterday.)

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